Autism Funding

If you wish to use Autism Funding to fund your therapy sessions, please carefully read our clinic's guidelines to better understand the process we use at Kootenay SLP.

Request Your Funding

  1. Schedule a free initial phone consultation with the clinician you wish to work with. During this conversation, the clinician will ask questions to better understand your family and child's needs and goal areas. The clinician will then determine if they would be a good fit for your child/family. Inform the clinician during this phone call that you would like to use Autism Funding to pay for therapy.

  2. Fill out a Request to Pay form and submit to Autism Funding. A Request to Pay can take 8-10 weeks to be approved.

  3. When funding is available, you and your clinician will receive a letter. You may then book your sessions with your clinician.

  4. If you make any changes to the order that you and your clinician have agreed upon (e.g., changing funds or order dates) after the approval letter has been received, please inform your clinician.

  5. If you wish to continue services with your clinician after your funding cycle is complete, fill out and submit another Request to Pay form approximately 2 months prior to the cycle end date.

More Information

  • Information on Autism Funding from the Government of British Columbia website can be found here.

  • Information on Kootenay SLP policies and procedures regarding Autism Funding can be found here.

  • If you have further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.